Terms and Conditions

Cargo Power Network Membership Terms Regulations

Cargo Power Network is an international Exclusive Logistics Network, formed by the best and most selected mid-size freight forwarding & logistics companies. We glad to see you in our family. Please, check below some points that we consider before accepting a member in Cargo Power Network

Membership approval is only possible after receiving the total Annual Membership Fee.

The payment of the fee confirms that each Member has accepted the General Conditions and the Code of Ethics enclosed, specifically for what concerns the bad debts and implicitly the communication of this status to all CPN Members and to Forwarder Debt Recovery System.  All CPN Management decisions are final and not subject to further appeal.


Your new membership invoice will be issued with your approval to the reminder mails which is sent 15 days before the end of the membership by the CPN. Renewal invoices are due fifteen days after the date of the invoices.


Our annual meetings, where we give all members the opportunity to get to know each other closely, are the most important process of membership. Attending these annual meetings is perfect way to Boost your company, strengthen and develop strategic alliances in today's competitive market.

Annual meetings give you a chance to meet new friends more than partners while relieving the tiredness of the year.Besides business discussions, lectures and face to face meetings, Annual meetings has many social activities.

TERMINATION OF THE MEMBERSHIP: All the members are free to leave the CPN at any time. Sending a notice of resignation with no reason will be enough for the CPN Management. And also CPN is free to cancel the membership if a network member

  • Is not complying with the rules and regulations of the CPN;
  • Is not providing satisfactory service
  • Does not pay the annual fees according to the establishes terms;
  • Do not pay to fellow members on time.

It's very important toprovide an information on time to CPN management about any unexpected financial and operational situation.

Membership fees are not refundable under any circumstance, even in cases of early termination or withdrawal. All other CPN members will be informed about the withdrawal.


1) Each company has to complete the "Be a Member" or the "Join Us" form. To select reliable Partners as a member, we need to be sure of the financial situation of each company. In order to avoid financial problems between our network members. All membership requests will be accepted or denied after a background research by the Network Management.
2) All CPN members must be local or regional logistics companies with good reputations (regarding finance, operations, communications, sales coordination, and other professional factors) which can be backed up with at least four third-party agency references from countries outside of the residence of their main head office. This cannot be waived.
3) CPN members are attending the worldwide annual CPN meetings on a regular basis, not missing two consecutive years without valid reason. Missing annual meetings two consecutive years may cause suspension of membership.
4) CPN terms and regulations are for CPN membership only. Any member to member dealings are subject to the members own terms and conditions.
5) Any photos, press releases, advertisements, logos and the like that are sent by member companies to CPN can and may be used by CPN for group promotional purposes. By sending this material implicit permission for CPN's use is granted.
6) CPN members also should display the CPN logo on their email signatures, and stationery (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etc.) whenever possible.


1) Unless otherwise agreed, CPN members will settle all debts within thirty days of invoicing one another.
2) Quotations from CPN members to CPN members must specifically state exactly which currency invoices will be made in and payments should be received in and whether such quotes are subject to any changes or surcharges.
3) Unless otherwise agreed, payments to CPN members will be in the currency quoted.
4) For business between members, monthly statements should be provided by the creditor.
5) All transactions between members are to be paid as agreed bi-laterally between members (or multi-laterally should the trade be cross trade arrangements between members). Payment between members for due invoices, debits, or other agreed debts which are incurred by the trade, unless prior agreed between the concerned members, will not ever require or depend upon the actions, payments, or motions of any third or fourth parties (shippers, consignees, customers, or agents otherwise). If a debt with another member was incurred, then it shall be duly paid by responsible party ordering the transaction as agreed. Awaiting payment from a client, agent, or any other party, is not an excuse for non-payment to another member unless these were the terms prior to the trade.
6) Any amounts that pass the 60 day overdue mark should be reported to the CPN Coordinator so that CPN can be informed of any members who are having financial difficulty.