Meet our Technology Partner PIER2PIER, Denmark

Meet our Technology Partner PIER2PIER, Denmark

CARGO POWER NETWORK technology partner PIER-2-PIER delivered an amazing presentation to us in our Third Annual Meeting which was held in Antalya.

Listening Pier to Pier which provides us with various technological supports such as Distance and Carbon Estimator & Track & 3D Load Calculator in the logistics world, was an incredible experience.

Thank you, Bruce!

PIER 2 PIER is an online platform specializing in the shipping and logistics sector, providing a suite of solutions to aid operations. Below are the key offerings:

  • Track and Trace for Vessel, Container and MAWB tracking: Real-time monitoring of vessel container and AirWayBill movements for all shipping lines and airlines, enhancing oversight for logistics firms and cargo owners.
  • Port Information: Extensive global port, inland terminal and rail ramp data to aid logistics companies in route planning and decision-making. 
  • Shipping Schedules: Aggregating shipping lines data from diverse carriers to deliver data on vessel arrivals and transit durations, aiding in efficient planning and scheduling for container freight.
  • 3D Load Calculator: A specialized tool facilitating optimal freight loading into containers or trailers, allowing logistics companies to maximize cargo space utilization and minimize wastage for customers.

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