CPN Third Meeting Left a Lasting Impression!

This year, CARGO POWER NETWORK Third Conference reached a new level, thanks to the valuable experiences, friendships, love, and respect we have cultivated over the years in CPN. The 2024 conference followed CPN's path with integrity and brought great results.


Our event this year, hosting 55 people from around the world, was the best conference yet. With one-on-one meetings, a welcome cocktail, coffee breaks, tournaments, and the unforgettable Vintage dinner, it left a lasting impression.


Building relationships with people is crucial. This is why we organize meetings and travel from different parts of the world to meet in person. Especially during the time of Covid, relying on Zoom meetings is not comparable to the value of shaking hands, making eye contact, and engaging in face-to-face conversations.


Thank you to everyone who attended or couldn't make it.

See you next year!