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We have Power, we have Infrastructure.

Welcome to Cargo Power Network.
The newest, most dynamic, projects forwarding and freight forwarding network for professionals. If your company is a qualified, independent, locally established and international projects logistics specialist, you should consider taking this opportunity to Join our family.

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CPN Annual Meetings

CPN ANNUAL conferences are exclusive to CPN members and attendance is crucial in order to maximize the benefit of membership. It's essential that your company is represented; take full advantage of the opportunity to connect with members, create new partnerships & develop existing relationships for the growth & success of your business. 

The key to providing personal service that sets the independent freight forwarder apart from the multi-nationals is knowing that all parties involved in handling a shipment are professional, capable and are totally focused on the needs of the client & their partners. The face-to-face meetings and knowing the people you are dealing with by first name, is the only way to build the confidence necessary for members to commit their hard-earned business to another agent, and what could be more satisfying than ‘working with friends’!

The meeting will focus on One-on-One sessions, our One-on-One Scheduler opening 3-4 weeks before the meeting to allow you to plan your campaign and make your appointments well in advance of your arrival at the conference. However all activities, whether business or social, are aimed at promoting both member-to-member partnerships and developing our group identity & culture.

We look forward to meeting old friends & making new friends in our first Meeting. We will announce the venue very soon.


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